Shopping Centre and Mall Management

Some of the many factors that need to be considered when creating a unique identity for a particular shopping centre are the following: target markets, foot counts, trading density, tenant mix and environmental impact analysis. And that differentiation is crucial for our competitive edge.

We managed, lease and administer our Shopping centres, we can also acts as managing agents for other shopping centres. Through this we have accumulated extensive experience in this highly complex and specialised field. When we manage a client’s portfolio, every aspect of the process conforms to the industry standard. And that means your property is in safe hands with Bauba Properties.

Information is key – Our management team provide us with substantial database of information from the vast portfolio of shopping centres which enables us to develop us to develop unique systems to optimise tenant rentals and lease agreements. This in turn enables us to move rapidly and responsively to make highly informed decisions to the advantage of our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for value gaps and new areas of profitability.

We take full cognisance of the soft issues, including the look and feel of the mall, landscaping, community outreach and other social responsibility issues.

We tailor our services to our client’s exact requirements, from handling the complete management of your centre to the management of a few select services. Our systems are well proven and transparent, ensuring our client gets optimum value and full-service delivery.